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House Groups

Every child in our school belongs to a "House Group".  We have 4 houses which run on a point system throughout the school.  This helps to promote strong links across the stages of our school.  Each week the points are counted and the winners are announced at Assembly.  The weekly winners go towards a yearly total with the overall winners achieving the "House Cup" which is presented at Prizegiving.


Throughout the year the children are split in to their "House Group" to take part in a variety of challenges.  Each house has 2 house captains from Primary 7, the children had a write a statement to apply for this position.  These pupils are responsible for supporting all members of their group.


Our 4 houses have been named after important Saints.


St. Andrew


      Daniel and Christina



St. Columba




  Blair and Skye



St. Margaret



Brooke, Millie and Alex



St. Ninian 


Lucas, Robert and Hannah             






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