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This year we are using an app called Seesaw where we share class and pupil success.  Please speak to the class teachers to sign up to have a look at the fantastic learning happening in each classroom. 


Class lists

P1a - Miss Wright

P1b - Miss McAlpine and Mrs Chaplin

P2a - Miss Vasey

P2b - Miss Gordon

P3 - Mrs Main

P3/4 - Mrs Marr

P4 - Mrs McMaster and Miss Ireland

P5a - Miss Bain

P5b - Mrs Robertson

P6a - Mr Carolan

P6b - Miss Phillip

P7a - Mrs Hamilton

P7b - Miss Marra

RCT - Miss Brewer, Mrs Fitchet


PT and SFL - Mrs Tierney and Mrs Flemming


DHT - Mrs McKenzie


HT - Mrs Derby



To find out more information about the school, please click on the link below to our sway book.


Pupil book August 2023
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