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Class News

Growth Mindset

Primary 2 LOVED going to see Trolls at the cinema last term. Our favourite part was when Poppy went to save her friends and sang 'I will get back up again'. We really liked how she didn't give up and was so positive! It reminded us of what we know about having a Growth Mindset. We know we can achieve anything if we try hard enough! We decided to design our very own personalised Trolls and set learning goals for this term to help us to achieve what we set out to.yes

3D shape

In primary 2 we have been learning about 3D shape. We know that 2D shapes are flat but 3D shapes can fit something inside them. We even know the three special words to describe 3D shapes- faces, vertices and edges! We really enjoyed bringing in 3D shapes we found in our homes, there were so many! We tried to make different models from them and describe them to our partner using our special words smiley.