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Class News

Staying Active

We have tried to stay very active this term and even enjoyed a tennis taster session with David out on the astroturf.  The boys and girls did so well we have even tried to convince David to come back again next term for some more tennis fun.  Fingers crossed!!!


It has been a very busy term 2 for P1b.  We have been working very hard and trying our best.  We have been concentrating on sequencing numbers to 20 and learning about addition.  We found some of the maths quite tricky ~ especially when we had to work out the missing number but we made good detectives!  We also learned how to follow a simple pattern and create some patterns of our own.




The boys and girls in Mrs Robertson's Read Write Inc group have been working very hard to learn all of their sounds.  We can not only recognize and write these sounds now, but have also been working on putting these sounds together to make words and sentences.  In RWI Fred always helps us to sound out our words and he is there to give us a well done when we sound out words for ourselves!

The Grumpy Sheep

Primary 1b loved taking part in the infant nativity 'The Grumpy Sheep'.  Everyone had a special role to play and this was carried out beautifully.  The singing and acting were superb and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, gaining lots of confidence from performing infront of an audience.


Well done everyone ~ you are all superstars!