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Class News

Smoking Workshop


We became scientists, tree surgeons, trees and smoke clouds as we learned about the effects of smoking and passive smoking.  We spent the day listening carefully and participating in the many activities we were set.  We had a brilliant time and then performed our own story to P6.  This story gave them all the information they needed about what smoking does to your body and bank balance. 

The children should be very proud of themselves as they all engaged with this workshop and gave a stunning performance.

Scottish Parliament

We were visited by Anglea from the education department of the Scottish Parliament.  We learned about MSP's, what they do and how they are elected into Paliament.  We discussed devloved and reserved matters and can name some of these. We then voted for our own Party Leaders and created promises.  Everyone had one ballot paper each and we voted for our favourite political party. 

It was a fantastic opportunity and we learned so many useful facts.



African Drumming

We have loved being taught African Drumming this term.  The end performance was absolutely brilliant and the children in Primary 6 should be very proud of themselves.  They wrote their own scripts, rehearsed at home and then each and every child performed confidently at last weeks show.


Well done P6!

I believe in my #selfie

We have growth mindsets in P6/7 and we believe that we can achieve anything we want to in life.

Kiah - I believe in my #selfie by: Always improving on all areas of my learning and by being inspired by people who succeed.  I will say to myself, 'I can do this!' or, 'I can't do this YET!'

Qais - I believe in my #selfie by:  improving when I get something wrong, also not giving up and persevering when I am frustrated.  I will be inspired by other pupils, not jealous of them.  I will challenge myself.


What a fantastic time had by all at Glenshee.  The children were a credit to themselves, their family and the school.  They gained many valuable skills including, resilience, teamwork and perseverance.  They also learned how to make their beds, how to clean up after themselves and how to set up for breakfast/lunch/tea. 

I couldn't be prouder of the children.  They overcame fears, supported each other and pushed themselves to be the best they could be.  Well done!

See gallery for more photographs.

Daily Mile

P6/7 are really enjoying completing the Daily Mile.  We try to get out everyday but this is proving to be difficult and therefore we are doing it when we can.  We support and encourage each other throughout and challenge ourselves to jog/run a little further everyday.