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World Smile Day

Children celebrated world smile day by reflecting on all of the things that made us happy. When childrens PLPs come home have a look inside them as children created a PLP page about what makes us happy - many agreed that it was the people around us that put a smile on our face. :)


Letter Writing - Dan from EE

Letter Writing - Dan from EE

Dan visiting the class.


During Term 2, Primary 6 decided that they would like more technology in the school. They thought about ways in which various technology would help us learn and focused on how Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets would make our learning more personal, creative and enjoyable.

​The children listed many ways in which they could use VR headsets in the classroom however they noticed a problem - the school did not have the phone supplies to do this. Fortunately Primary 6 did not give up - they decided to reach out to various phone companies to try and persude them to donate smart phones to the school.

​Soon after these letters were sent we had a visit from Dan from EE. He donated 8 phones to the school and emphasised how impressed he was by the letters he recieved.

​This project is still undergoing however I am so impressed by Primary 6's strong determination and motivation throughout this project! Well done Primary 6!







Creative Dancing

In Term 2 Primary 6 took part in creative dancing. We looked at rhythms and beats to calculate how long we would need to create a dance for and how to break it up into manageable parts.

​The children really enjoyed creating balances and dance moves to put into their routine and focused on working together to achieve a group goal.

​They then performed their dances infront of one another and gave each other feedback - it was very fair, positive and constructive feedback.

​The dances were fantastic and Primary 6 enjoyed showing them off!






African Drumming

African Drumming

Practice makes perfect! Can you guess what we are?

Children loved learning different African rhythms and facts about the links between Dundee and some African Countries.

They enjoyed learning about tribes and were keen to perform the tribe music they had learned as well as share their knowledge. For the performance the children designed the set, created scripts and worked hard to perfect their drumming.

I am sure you would agree that their final performance was fantastic and it was clear to see how much hard work they had put into it!

Well done Primary 6!