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Class News

Keeping Active!

In Primary 1 we are very aware of how important it is to stay healthy and active! We have started to try and work towards walking/running a mile before playtime each day! We have also been enjoying tennis taster sessions on the astroturf and our weekly sessions of P.E where we have been learning to play basic games, follow simple instructions and use our large space properly. During class time, we also enjoy Yoga to help us relax and to develop our gross motor skills! yes


Autumn Party!

We had an absolute ball when we got to dress up and come to school! We played lots of party games and danced to some spooky music! devil

We enjoyed some party snacks and got to show off our costumes during our mini parade!

We can't wait for our Christmas party next! wink

Art & Christmas Craft 2016

In Primary 1a we LOVED creating items to sell for our Christmas craft afternoon! We made a variety of things such as calendars, picture baubles, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle baubles and candycane reindeers! heartlaugh

We have been experimenting with a range of media in Art and created some amazing Autumn trees too! We liked getting messy by finger painting the leaved in Autumnal colours! cheeky




Numeracy in Primary 1a

In primary 1 we have been working on adding two numerals! Most of us can now add confidently using 'counting on!' We can use cubes or number lines to check our thinking!

We are also learning about numbers beyond 10! We really enjoy the 'Big Number Song' and can regonise a variety of numbers within 100.

Leading up to Chritsmas, we started to look at patterns. We can now continue a pattern and copy a variety of patterns too. We really enjoyed using pinboards for this! smileyheart