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Class News


Primary 5 are thoroughly enjoying their bi-weekly jaunts to Coldside Library!..It has opened a whole new world of literature with such a vast array of genres and publications to choose from. The First Minister's Reading Challenge has encouraged the children to consider Reading as a worthwhile and enjoyable past time as well as an excellent source of information and research material. Thank you Coldside Library for providing such a welcoming environment for pupils from SS Peter and Paul Primary to learn.

P5 IN TRAINING!!!..for the Scottish Dance Festival <3

Determined to master the art of CEilidh DAncing P5 are currently enjoying Scottish Dancing during PE in preparation for the Dundee Schools Dance Festival in February!  A talented bunch they are sure to stand out among the crowd!! :)

Celebrating Robert Burns and National Identity

In term 3 Primary 5 are celebrating the life and works of Robert Burns and researching the traditional culture and history of Scotland.

Primary 5 chose Scot's words to name their Cooperative Learning teams.  They used their organisational skills creatively to create name tags, logos and characters collaboratively. 

Primary 5 Loving Learning!!

An ode to Oor Wullie!!

WE had a great time celebrating the success of the bucket trail last year...we even designed our own Wullies to reflect our favourite things..they are currently part of our Learning Journey display which can be seen in the corridor! Adding a personal touch!